Adoption Fees
All of our animals are completely vetted, the only exceptions to this are animals who are under 6 months. If the puppy you are looking to adopt isn’t yet altered please read and sign the Spay/ Neuter Contract.
Puppies from 8 weeks to 6 months-  $300.00
(If not yet altered an additional $50.00 deposit will need to be submitted.
This deposit will be refunded once proof of spay or neuter is provided.)

Puppies from 6 Months to 14 Months-$250.00

Dogs 15 Months to 7 Years- $200.00
Dogs 7 Years and Older- $150.00

Bulldog's (English & French), Pugs & Mixes- $400.00
Kittens 8 weeks to 6 Months- $50.00
Kittens and cats 6 Months and older- $40.00
**PLEASE BE ADVISED**  WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS This is a soul, a life, a FAMILY MEMBER, not a handbag or electronic item. This is a decision that we have assumed with signing this document that you have thought long and hard about. This isn’t something to do on a whim.