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Please do not pay the adoption fee until you have been instructed to do so!


Adoption Process:

  1. Submit an adoption application
  2. Pay the adoption application fee
  3. Agree to a home visit
  4. Pay the adoption fee


If you are adopting a dog that is less than 6 months of age, please select the "Puppy Adoption Fee" which is $200. 


The adoption fees go toward various veterinary expenses (including vaccinating, spaying and neutering, microchipping, and treating various different illnesses including heartworm positive dogs), transportation costs, boarding expenses, and the day to day expenses that fosters incur while caring for High Plains P.A.W. dogs. 

Adoption Fee


    WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS This is a soul, a life, a FAMILY MEMBER, not a handbag or electronic item. This is a decision that we have assumed with signing this document that you have thought long and hard about. This isn’t something to do on a whim.

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