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High Plains P.A.W. is a nationally recognized animal rescue organization based out of Sidney, NE. We believe it is our moral duty to protect and improve the lives of animals in the United States to the best of our ability. We are dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and cats who have found themselves in the desperate situation of being homeless. We seek to help shelters where animals are at high risk of euthanasia and animals made homeless due to their owners. High Plains P.A.W. helps animals with no specifics as to breed, as we believe all breeds are unique, valuable, and worth helping. We educate pet owners on responsible pet ownership and believe in educating the community on animal neglect and abuse, as well as the important role of sterilization. We hope to make a lasting impression on our immediate community as to the role of animals as family members and members of our community, as well as leave our mark on the general cause of animal welfare in this country.

“We cannot all do great things but we can all do small things with great love.”


We have been operating in some capacity since the organization was incorporated and received tax exemption status in 2006. Since then we have undergone some major changes. A few years ago had a change in Director and became a much more active organization. This included a name change from Wagon Tails to High Plains P.A.W. We hope one day to be able to provide low cost spay and neuter programs, vaccine clinics, and microchip clinics to the rural communities that we serve locally. We also hope in the future to have a feral cat Trap Neuter Release Program to , we help with the cat overpopulation issue that plagues Sidney, Nebraska. We also are working towards a goal of a state-of-the-art facility that will allow us to be able to better serve the community and our animals and provide services that currently are not offered in our area.  

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