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Donate to High Plains PAW

Why should you donate to our organization? What makes us better or more deserving then the thousands of other animal rescue organizations out there? The truth is we aren't better and there are a lot of organizations that, like us, are deserving. Instead I'm going to explain to you how we are unique in working towards the goal of animal welfare.

We are a small, but mighty, organization based out of Western Nebraska. Our location gives us not only a more centralized location for national rescue but also gives us a different perspective. We are based in a very rural area. We understand first hand the struggles that animal owners face with the lack of resources, the lackadaisical mindset of the communities when it comes to animal welfare and the unique set of circumstances rural communities bring to the table. Knowing this first hand allows us to better navigate the waters in other rural areas around the country. Yes we do, from time to time also pull dogs from high kill shelters in more urban area's. We do this when we can, because we don't believe that any locational factor should cause an animal to die.

All our animals receive age appropriate vetting, meaning all our dogs over 6 months are spayed or neutered and have received all vaccines, puppies will have received age appropriate vaccines. We also cover all medical and injury issues for our animals while in foster care, that means all mange treatments, Heartworm treatments, broken limbs etc.

Without donations from people like you we cannot continue to help animals like we do now. Yes in the future we hope to have a state of the art facility to better assist our animals and local communities, however currently we are focused on providing the best we can for all our animals and fosters which includes providing kennels, food and supplies when asked.

Please consider donating to our organization and helping us to help them! We appreciate it and the animals are more grateful then you can even imagine.

Not everyone can do great things, but we can all do small things with great love

You can also mail your donation to:

High Plains PAW

PO Box 592

Sidney  NE  69162

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